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Spirit is Calling...... 

Become an Ordained & Registered Medium

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of spiritual exploration and personal transformation through our spiritualist ordination program? Our comprehensive curriculum not only covers the essentials of spiritual leadership but also provides in-depth training in basic mediumship and spiritual healing. As an ordained minister, you will learn how to connect with the spirit world, channel messages from loved ones who have passed on, and offer comfort and closure to those seeking solace. Additionally, our program will equip you with the tools and techniques of spiritual healing, allowing you to facilitate healing sessions, provide energy work, and offer spiritual guidance to those in need. Whether you aspire to officiate ceremonies, lead sacred rituals, or serve as a conduit for spiritual messages and healing energies, our ordination program will empower you to step into your true potential and make a meaningful difference in the world. Join us today and embark on the path to becoming a skilled and compassionate spiritual leader, medium, and healer.

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Required Courses for Ordination

Psychic Development 101& 102

Mediumship 101 & 102 

Guides & Guidance 

Spiritual Healing 1& 2

Ritual, Prayer & Ceremony

Moral & Ethics 

World Religions 

Grief Counseling 

Platform Class 

(2) Elective Classes  

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Unlock the gateway to spiritual communication and healing with our mediumship program. Dive into the realms beyond the physical, where messages from departed loved ones await. Our comprehensive curriculum will empower you to harness your intuitive gifts, connect with the spirit world, and deliver messages of love, comfort, and healing to those in need. With expert guidance and practical exercises, you'll develop your mediumship skills and awaken to the profound connection between the seen and unseen. Join us on this transformative journey and step into your role as a compassionate and skilled medium, bringing light and hope to others.

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