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In House Readers


Rev. Bryan Peters

Bryan Peters, MH, IAHT
Is an intuitive herbalist who has extensive knowledge from his grandmother of traditional and folk medicinal skills from the mountains of Appalachia and the Crow nation. He's also in good standing with the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists.
*Tea Leaf Readings
*Reiki Master/Teacher
*Access Bars Facilitator
*Access Energetic Facelift Practitioner
*Access Body Process Practitioner
*Angel Ray Practitioner
*Talk To The Entities

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Rev. Michael Black

Rev. Michael Black is an Intuitive Psychic and Empath who will allow you to connect with the spirit and the universe around you, and help you to connect to your Angels & Ascended Masters. Michael's empathic gifts enables for a personal touch in assisting with matters close to the heart and for spiritual clarity as a spiritual advisor. He is well versed in the Metaphysical and Spiritual Realms.
Michael is also a Certified Access Bars® Practitioner, an Angel Ray Healing Practitioner and a Reiki Master/Teacher.
* Psychic/Intuitive
* Oracle Readings
* Reiki Master/Teacher
* Angle Ray Healing Practitioner
* Access Bars® Facilitator
* Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift Facilitator
* Access Consciousness Body Process Practitioner

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Rev. Stephanie Allison

Stephanie's intuitive abilities enable her to connect with guides, angels and power animals to assist in the synchronicities that connects us all to bring clarity, focus and insights on your Earth walk. Stephanie is involved in assisting others in developing their own intuitive/psychic abilities through classes at the Healing Brew.
* Pyschic/Orcale Card Reader
* Angel Ray Practitioner
* Reconnective Healing Practitioner
* Reiki Practitioner
* Access Bars® Practitioner


Rev. Shane Miklos

Shane received a message from Spirit to purchase a camera in search of Spirit through photographs of nature. His stunning double exposure portraits imbues spirit through his photography of nature enveloped with personal portraits. Shane developed a wonderfully insightful oracle card deck from his photography, called "Pathways".
*Access Energetic Facelift Practitioner
*Access Bars Practitioner
*Angel Ray Practitioner
* Reiki Master/Teacher
*Custom Double Exposure Prints
* Photography: events, weddings and portraits

The Brew Crew: Team Members
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