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Guest Practitioners, Healers, Psychics/Mediums

Discover our team of expert psychics and practitioners for spiritual guidance and support on your journey. Browse our selection to find the perfect match for your needs.

Rev. Amber Wellman


Paranormal Investigator

As a psychic/medium and paranormal investigator, I have the ability to connect with the spiritual realm and communicate with those who have passed on. Whether you're seeking closure or guidance, I am here to help you navigate through life's uncertainties. Additionally, as a paranormal investigator, I use my skills to investigate and document paranormal activity, providing you with evidence and peace of mind. Contact me today to schedule a session.

  • Oracle Card Readings

  • Spirit Art

  • Psychic Reading Parties

  • Paranormal Investigator - Owner of OMPR - Ohio Metaphysics and Paranormal Research


Rev. Deanna Main

Energy Worker: Healing Touch for Animals

Deanna Main is a certified practitioner of Healing Touch for Animals, a gentle and non-invasive energy therapy that promotes relaxation and healing for pets. With her expertise, she can help reduce stress, anxiety, and pain, and improve overall well-being for your furry friends. Contact Deanna today to learn more about how Healing Touch can benefit your beloved pets.

  • Her studies include:

  • Psychic Development

  • Healing Touch for Animals

  • Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Angel Ray Healing

  • Energetic Color Therapy

  • Vibrational Sound Therapy

  • Craniosacral therapy for small animals and humans

  • Shamanism

  • Animal Communication

  • Oracle Card Reading

  • Her session skills for both animals and humans include:

  • Energetic Clearing and Balancing of Chakras, Chi, and Hara Balancing

  • Essential Oil and Color Spray Application

  • Crystal Color Torch Therapy

  • Tuning Forks for relaxation and energy field clearing

  • Animal Communication

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