Guest Readers

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Rev. Ramona Carroll


Lovingly known as the “small medium at large” by many friends and clients. Ramona’s gifts bring healing and light through messages from Spirit and Angels to those who are in need. Her messages from departed loved ones come to her in the “5 senses” along With her innate 6th sense. This aids in her giving accurate information to those looking for insight on their life path.
*Psychic / Intuitive Tarot Reader
*Medium / Clairvoyant / Psychometry
*Tea Leaf /Coffee Grounds Reader
*Metaphysical Teacher
*Access Bars Practitioner
*Access Energetic Facelift Practitioner


Greg Nicholas


Greg Nicholas is a 4th generation
psychic / medium. Using shells, dominoes, Oracle cards in his readings. He also uses psychometry (energy from a picture or item) of and from a loved one to receive "their" messages in a reading.

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Rev. Chris Miller


Chris has seen and sensed spirit around since his early childhood along with precognitive premonitions. Chris has embraced his psychic and mediumship abilities and brings in those insights with oracle cards in your reading with him.
*Oracle Card Readings

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Jennifer Wolfe


Jen is a psychic medium, animal communicator, intuitive Tarot/Oracle reader, and Usui Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki Master. As an animal communicator, Jen is able to connect with an animal’s energy to deliver messages to loved ones. Jen’s empathic abilities allow her to give healing messages with love, kindness, and compassion.
*Tarot Card Readings
*Holy Fire/Karuna Reiki

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Pat Beers


My initial remembrance of "spirit" contact occurred at age 7.  It was with my deceased favorite Uncle Memz    I felt him touch my hair and heard him speak to me.  I never realized how different I was, and thought everyone had Deja Vue.   (This is the idea of something coming before it happens.)

After 1977, my communication with spirit became quite active.  I began having precognative dreams.  When my son Paul broke both arms at age 6, I had dreamed it in full color three times in a row in the same night,   I woke up screaming each time because I couldn't tell if he was alive or dead.     I saw a man carrying Paul to my husband and I.   I could describe the man carrying our son in detail.  My husband was not amused.  Paul's accident  happened  the very next day exactly as I had seen it the night before.

I am an ordained Reverend through the Sanctuary of Angelic Lights and have presided over at least a hundred weddings and commitment ceremonies.  I do not count the memorial services where I am the officiant.  

You can find me at many Holistic Healing and Psychic Fairs throughout the country.  I also appear frequently on radio and television. 

I enjoy spreading my knowledge as a teacher and lecturer  and am known for my work throughout the US and  internationally.  

Spirit has truly blessed me.  I give thanks every day for the gift I have been given and the ability to share my knowledge with those who need it most.