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Welcome to
The Healing Brew

We are four friends who have a dream of  helping others  in mind, body, and spirit. 

We believe that well being involves the mind, body and soul. We strive to help in all three of those areas.

We believe in a holistic approach  to health and will help guide you to holistic solutions. We will never sell a product or service unless we truly believe it will be beneficial to you. Integrity and honesty mean more to us than just a sales transaction.

You can read more about us under our bios.


We have holistic teas, tinctures, herbal mixes, Reiki, Access Bars® and Angel Ray Healings. We offer psychic parties, psychic readings and tea parties with tea readings .  


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Psychic Readings/Oracle Cards/Mediumship

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A Look at The Healing Brew

Seance Room and Table Tipping

We hold Table Tipping Sessions and Seance.. want to know more?


Fire Walking 10-14-23

Faith in the impossible, when there is faith fear can't survive.

If you can walk through fire what can't you do?

We honor ourselves and the walk that has brought us all together- together we journey thru tears, cry and laughter to come thru the fire renewed— if you can walk thru fire what can you accomplish in your own life.

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Mychael Shane Apportations 11-8-21