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Victorian Era of Talking Tables

What is Table Tipping All About?

In Victorian Times, families and individuals would be host to family events and parlor games.  These families would host tea parties, home seances and table tipping's.  The White House was even a host to seances, after the death of Abraham Lincolns son.  President Lincoln and his wife would host seances in hopes to help connect to their son and to the other side. It’s also possible that the table (as it did in the days of the home circles) will behave as with some intelligence. Once the group has begun to experience strange effects, it will be possible to ask questions and receive knocks, raps and event tilts of the table in reply. When you experience this, it will be easy to understand why people believed the phenomena was caused by ghosts in the days of Spiritualism. Just remember though that the power of the human mind is a tricky thing, especially when you have an entire group focused on creating energy. 
And you should remember that the energy created can be pretty amazing at times, It has been documented by some table tipping groups that they have literally experienced tables that are so charged with energy that the table moved about with all four members of the group sitting on top of it! 

To explain table tipping, one has to understand the physical mediumship and understand that spirit can still 

interact with our world and show proof positive of life after death.  The medium, or in this case a physical medium will have all participants, check and verify the basic table to be used and almost immediately spirit takes over the table and knockings, raps and movement is seen and felt by all those in attendance.  

During the 1800 one of the great founders of spiritualism, claimed to have levitated a table out a 3-story building and had it return to the medium.  In a lot of ways, the table acts as a connection to your higher self just like that of a Ouija board or a pendulum.  

Some of Americas great influential people were spiritualist and hosted many of a grand event -- from sitting presidents to PT. Barnum, with the tables knocking and taping were scenes on many stages or home circle.   Telegraphs and Victrola were the height of technology and, and one would expect the technology would find its way into the séance room, just like our modern ear ghost busting aps and technology.  But for the Victorians, telegraph not only let them speak to people of great distance, but it also allowed tables to "tap or rap" tip and give messages from those of the other side.  Just like the trumpet gave voice to spirit in the seance cabinet.   

What to Expect During a Table Tipping Demonstration?

1. To start off with, you will need to select your group for the sessions. The best number to start with is usually the same number that you would need for an investigation, 4-5 people. Make sure that all of the same members can be present for each session and also make sure that they are willing to continue with the experiments for an extended period of time, or at least until you have achieved the desired effects for your experiment.
2. Choose a location like one of the member’s houses for the experiments. It should be a place where everyone can be comfortable and relaxed. You will also need to choose a table to use as well. I recommend a trip to an antique store to find a small wooden table that can seat everyone comfortably but is not too big or too heavy. Experimenting with a gigantic, oak dining room table is not recommended if you want to see results any time soon!
3. The lighting in the room will be important. Table tipping seems to work the best in near darkness, perhaps because the sitters are creating a "spooky" atmosphere, but who knows? 

4. Once you sit down to try and experiment with this, be sure to maintain a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Be sure to talk normally, make jokes and just try to relax. If you are too uptight about things happening, it’s not going to work. Simply relax and try to avoid concentrating on getting the table to move at first.

5. Be sure to have everyone’s hands on the table all the time. As things start to occur, it’s liable to become exciting but no one should move their hands if at all possible. 

6. While nothing at all may happen in the initial sitting, it is bound to get more interesting as time progresses. Just be sure that the group meets regularly, once or twice a week if possible. To succeed, the group needs to be dedicated and willing to sit through several uneventful sessions before phenomena actually occurs. 

7. Make sure that the meetings are always free from interruption and do whatever it takes to prepare for this. Turn off the TV and radios in the house and take the telephone off the hook if you need to.                                                          


Plan Your Demonstration?

The Healing Brew offers demonstrations and readings via Table Tipping, The Sessions will be conducted by house mediums & psychics.  Due to the unpredictable nature of the event 2 Mediums, 1 Male & 1 Female, up to 3 Guests, will be present during the sessions and it is encouraged that only friends and family sit together and understand that messages & Psychic insight will be offered to all those in attendance- The Tea will be split.  

Table Tipping Demonstrations $125

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