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Smudging and Clearing your Home!

The Best Way to Cleanse Your Home's Energy, According to a Psychic

To most people, the idea of cleansing one’s home of negative energy seems far-fetched and unnecessary. After all, how can an object or a house have positive or negative energy? Well, according to my sage-loving psychic friend, there’s actually quite a lot to this practice and its history that many people don’t know about – which is exactly why I decided to ask her about it!

What is smudging?

Smudging is a purification ritual that involves burning certain natural herbs—typically white sage or palo santo. It’s an ancient practice rooted in Native American culture, but you don’t have to be part of an indigenous group to take advantage of its benefits. Simply light one end of your smudge stick (or bundle) and walk around your home with it. Be sure to stay about one foot away from any flammable objects as you go—flames can get pretty high!

How to use sage smudge sticks

Sage is commonly used for smudging, which involves burning dried sage leaves in order to cleanse and purify homes. It’s one of many methods that metaphysicians say can balance your home’s energy. While there are plenty of ways you can go about cleansing your space using herbs or other mediums—as well as digital apps for Apple devices—there are few that provide deep cleansing like smudging does. Here are four different ways you can sage your home

Where do you find smudge sticks?

There are several places you can find smudge sticks. You can make your own or purchase them from almost any New Age shop. Amazon sells many of them as well. Just look up smudge sticks and you’ll find all kinds of options. I bought mine at my local metaphysical shop, but you can also purchase online via Etsy or Amazon.

Other ways to cleanse your home

As a clairvoyant medium with 15 years of experience, I get asked all kinds of questions. Many clients want to know how they can cleanse their home’s energy and protect it from future problems—so naturally, I have many tips!

How to burn sage

To cleanse an area of your home or business, use one medium-sized bundle of sage. (Tip: Sage bundles can be purchased at most health food stores.) Lightly rub it with a match until you see flames and hold it in your hand above where you want to clear energy. After about 5 minutes or so (or until you start to feel hot), blow out any remaining flame and carry your sage bundle outside.

Tips and tricks for sage burning

A number of practitioners believe that burning sage or other smudging herbs clears negative energy from a space. More specifically, burning white sage is believed to help chase away bad spirits. While it may seem like magic, there are scientific reasons for how it works—and lots of scientific evidence about how it doesn’t. To get answers on whether smudging your home is worth it, we talked with an Arizona-based psychic and an expert in medicinal plant research. Lorraine Rose says the best way to clear the energy at home is to do spiritual cleansing with sage sticks.

It's very important because spirits attach themselves to things and people, she said. A lot of times when you don't feel good, it's because you have something attached.

Many people use candles or incense as an alternative way to cleanse their homes, but these can only cover up smells; they don't actually remove any spirits from the environment.

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